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Video: Where Are The Qualifed Candidates?

Millions of jobs are waiting to be filled, but employers say they can't find qualified workers because of "the skills gap." Byron Pitts of CBS News reports.

HR Magazine Highlights Radio Recruitment

HR Magazine is published for the 250,000 professionals who belong to the Society For Human Resource Management.  Each issue provides knowledge and insight to help HR professionals fulfill the challenges of their career including recruitment and retention of employees.

In its article, "TURN UP THE RADIO RECRUITMENT," the magaize highlights the success many companies are now having using radio advertising an effective way to recruit and retain better employees. 

Read the article by clicking here.

Video: Learn About Radio For Recruitment

See how Maine businesses including Hannaford Transportation, Skillins Greenhouses, and W.H. Demmons have used radio effectively to recruit and retain great employees.

Radio Is Talking To Your Best Candidates Now

The best candidates for the open jobs at your company are currently working, but for someone else. It is next to impossible to reach these desirable candidates.  Most employers now find:

  • Newspaper classifieds do not attract the best candidates
  • Online job boards do not attract the best candidates
  • Career fairs do not attract the best candidates

Your best job candidates are listening to the radio right now.  We know how to reach them.

Webinar Replay: Manufacturers Assoc. Of Maine

On October 22, 2013, The Manufacturers Association of Maine and Portland Radio Group hosted a "Hire Better People" webinar.  The session discussed how Maine manufacturers and Maine small business can use radio effectively to hire and retain great employees. The webinar was  conducted by recruitment expert Chris Stonick.

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