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Advertising On Portland Radio Gives Boost To Small Business Websites

Posted by Larry Julius on Sun, Oct 28, 2018 @ 09:29 AM

Retail sales are growing at a 5.5% clip. For a Maine small business owner to keep pace with this boom, it's critical to compel potential customers to visit their websites. Advertising on Portland radio is a potent way to drive the necessary traffic.

Half of all retail sales in Maine are influenced by a digital interaction, according to Forrester Research. These online interactions determine three things: which product is purchased; which retailer the product is purchased from; and if the product purchased in-store or online.

A Maine small business owner who sells garage doors summed it up perfectly. "More than ever before," he told me, "customers are coming to us more educated about the products I sell. They have really done their homework."

Where are Maine consumers doing their homework? According to the 2018 Shoppers Trend Report from Murphy Research, 53% start their research online and the rest star their research in-store.

But what should be alarming to Maine business owners, regardless of where consumers start their buying journey, 40% of the ultimate sales happen online.

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