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Maine Career School Depends on Portland Radio To Recruit Students

Posted by Larry Julius on Wed, Oct 10, 2018 @ 06:18 PM

Like thousands of other Maine small businesses, Northeast Technical Institute advertises on Portland radio to find customers.  In NTI's case, their customers are students looking to start a new career.

NTI, who has campuses in Scarborough, Lewiston, and Bangor, is one of 11 for-profit schools in the state that compete for the attention of the 3000 students who enroll annually.

"With a variety of career programs that appeal to men and woman in several age categories, and with a limited budget to recruit prospective students," says NTI President Jim Liponis, "it is hard to beat radio advertising."

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Ads on Portland Radio Fill Jobs For Desperate Maine Business Owners

Posted by Larry Julius on Sun, Oct 07, 2018 @ 07:11 AM

If you tuned-in to a Portland radio station last week, then odds are you heard a ton of commercials from Maine small business owners looking to fill hundreds, if not thousands, of open jobs.

It is clear from these on-air recruitment ads that Maine companies are hungry for truck drivers, machinists, nurses, accountants, telemarketers, HVAC technicians, and defense workers.

These desperate employers have turned to radio recruitment advertising because hanging help-wanted signs in windows or posting classified-ads in the newspaper or online job-boards is no longer a potent strategy. Unlike these more traditional hiring strategies, advertising on Portland radio is delivering qualified blue-collar and white-collar job candidates to desperate Maine business owners.

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