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Portland Radio: Best Way To Reach Likely Maine Voters

Posted by Larry Julius on Sun, Aug 26, 2018 @ 06:29 AM

On November 6th, polling places in southern Maine will be open for business. On that day it will be decided who will represent the first district in Congress and who will occupy the Governor's chair. There will also be a ballot full of other candidates and important matters whose fate the voters will determine.

To win, most of the candidates on the ballot will need to advertise. The most potent place to politic is Portland radio. Before I explain why, here's a bit of history.

The presidential election on November 2, 1920 was notable for 2 reasons. It was the first time women in American had the right to vote. It was also the first time voters could learn the balloting results in real-time on the radio instead of days later in the newspaper.

Women's suffrage was monumental. Election results on the radio, on the other hand, were a bit ironic.

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