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Has Digital Demolished Portland Radio? Maine Business Owners Ask.

Posted by Larry Julius on Sun, Apr 08, 2018 @ 11:57 AM

Portland radio's perpetual dominance over internet-fueled media defies the persistent and pervasive prophecies that traditional AM/FM would succumb to the wrecking ball of all things digital.

In August 2007, eMarketer predicted, "Data from a number of researchers indicates that traditional radio is losing its significance in people's lives. US adults are spending more time each day on the Internet and watching TV than listening to the radio."

Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

Last week, according to Nielsen, 700,000 adults tuned into a Portland radio station. This is, by far, more southern Maine consumers than watched TV or read a newspaper. It is even more than visited a social media site; streamed Pandora or Spotify; or did a Google search.

Comparative data released last month demonstrates, yet again, that radio reaches more adults than all other media, digital or otherwise. Substantively more.  This is great news for Maine small business owners who depend on Portland radio to market their products and services.

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