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Stunner for Maine Small Businesses: Radio Delivers 14 Times ROI

Posted by Larry Julius on Mon, Apr 06, 2015 @ 07:20 PM

portland_radio_maine_small_business_return_on_investment_off_the_chartFor the past 90 years, Maine small business owners have intuitively know that advertising on Portland radio results in sales.  For instance, Michael Major, owner of Cunningham Security Systems in Yarmouth, Maine says he knows when his radio ads aren't running because, "my phones don't ring."  Doug Martin of Portland based WH Demmons, a building systems contractor, knows his radio advertising works as well. "When we run radio ads, it's almost like adding another salesperson. That's really what I look at it as," says Martin.  "I have a small sales staff to begin with, but using radio puts another salesperson in the field for me.  Not only is it generating leads, we are also getting people to call us which is a good indication of someone who has a significant need."

Until recently, Maine's small business marketers had to rely on anecdotal success stories from the peers to understand how well radio advertising worked.  But now there is empirical evidence that demonstrates unequivocally that Portland radio delivers an awesome return investment for small business owners.

In March 2014, global research giant Nielsen-Catalina released the results of a study which revealed that radio advertisers could expect a $6.00 return for every $1.00 invested in the medium.  These results have been dwarfed by another study by Nielsen released just last month.

Radio Advertising Returns $14 for Every $1 Invested

In this new study, Nielsen compared sales results of a telecommunications company that advertised on radio versus 4 similar companies who did not.  The radio advertiser's commercial schedule was married with Nielsen Catalina consumer purchasing data that pulls together the credit and debit card transactions of more than 125 million adults. “The results showed that radio delivered $14 dollars in incremental sales for each dollar invested in advertising,” Nielsen reports.

According to Inside Radio, an industry newsletter, Nielsen says there was also a “meaningful lift” in how much consumers who heard the radio spots spent. Those who heard the commercials spent an average of $8 more per month than consumers who weren’t exposed. The impact was twice as big among Millennials, who spent an average of $16 more after hearing the radio ads.

Maine Small Business Owners Benefit From Radio's Lucrative ROI

In the videos below, meet 2 Maine small businesses owners who have benefited from radios proven return-on-investment . Both Kevin Kaserman of Dunbar Water Filters and Cathy Manchester of Keller-Williams Real Estate reveal that using radio on a consistent, long-term basis has been responsible for expanding their respective brands and expanding their business.   



To learn more about how Kevin Kaserman and Cathy Manchester have built their brands using radio in Maine, click on the links below:


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