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Small Business Owners Engage Maine Bridal Market On Portland Radio

Posted by Larry Julius on Sun, Jan 14, 2018 @ 11:50 AM

Portland Radio Maine Small Business Wedding Bridal Advertising and MarketingDuring 2018, according to Nielsen, 13,952 people living in southern Maine will get married. On average, each couple will spend $30,000 on their happy day. If my math is correct, then that means $209,280,000 will be invested by these consumers on their impending nuptials.

Can your Maine small business convert all of these wedding bells into ringing cash registers? Portland radio can help.

Each week, 96.8% of everyone planning a wedding tunes into their favorite AM/FM radio station. This is substantially higher reach, according to Nielsen, than all other media. This makes radio the most effective way for small business owners to market their goods and services to southern Maine's lucrative bridal market.

Portland Radio Maine Small Business Bridal Advertising and Marketing

Radio's marketing muscle becomes more vivid when you consider the age group most likely to wed. According to Nielsen, nearly 75% of all southern Maine consumers planning to marry in 2018 are between the ages of 18 and 44.

Portland Radio Maine Small Business Bridal Advertising and Marketing

Portland radio's dominance among the key marrying age group eclipses all other local media, according to Nielsen.

Portland Radio Maine Small Business Bridal Advertising and Marketing

 Ads on Portland Radio Triple Business For Maine Wedding Band

Jon Goodman, front-man for local wedding band Time Pilots, has dramatically increased his share of that gigantic pool of bridal cash. Since he began advertising the band on Portland radio 5 years ago, Mr. Goodman says, "it would be fair to say that our wedding business has tripled".

Time Pilots started in 1999 when Mr. Goodman rounded up a group of musical friends for weekly jam sessions.  "After a while," says Mr. Goodman, "we said this sounds really good. So we decided to become an 80s tribute band."

"The band quickly took off, "says Mr. Goodman. "We became really busy, really fast. We were playing 50 to 60 shows per year. These were mostly bars or an occasional private party in someone's backyard."

Portland_Radio_Maine_Small_Business_Advertising_WeddingMr. Goodman knew, however, that there was a more lucrative direction for Time Pilots.  "I always had this idea in the back of my head," he says, "that once we developed a following, we would morph away from low paying club dates and become more of a general business which meant becoming a wedding band."

"Becoming a wedding band," continued Mr. Goodman, "involved playing all types of music not just 80s music. So we started adding more and more popular music to our mix. Now, the 80s is only a small part of what we play."

"Once we started playing weddings, we were depending on referrals and wedding planners to get more business", says Mr. Goodman. But the competition was fierce. "Not only did we have to compete for dates with eight or nine other local bands, we had to compete with wedding bands out of Boston." As Mr. Goodman explains, "Many brides and planners had the mistaken perception that Boston is where the best wedding bands come from."

So in an effort to claim a large share of the Maine bridal market from their competitors, Time Pilots began advertising on Portland radio. "As soon as we started doing it, " says Mr. Goodman, "it was like BAM! people started telling me they heard our ad. Then, within a couple of days we got our first call from someone who said she was planning her wedding in the fall and she had heard the Time Pilots ad on the radio.."

"During our first year as a wedding band," says Mr. Goodman, "Time Pilots did one wedding.  A few years later we were doing two to three weddings a year. Since we started doing our radio ads we have been doing 15 to 20 weddings a year. It would be fair to say that radio advertising has helped us triple our business."

Hear Time Pilots current ad running on Portland Radio:

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