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Five More Radio Ads From Away: Inspiration for Maine Small Business

Posted by Larry Julius on Tue, Jul 14, 2015 @ 12:37 PM

Portland_Radio_Maine_Small_Business_Radio_AdsPortland radio is a great place for Maine small business to advertise. According to a recent study by Nielsen, radio reaches 93% of adults every single week.  As a matter of fact, Portland radio reaches 682,114 people every week. According to the Nielsen study, this is more people than are reached by TV. More people than are reached by smart phones. And more people than are reached by tablets and PCs. Despite the technology fueled onslaught of other media, radios audience remains intact as the listener base for other media splinters and fractures.

So, then, anybody with half an ear can argue that radio remains a strong force for advertising and marketing to Maine consumers.  As a matter of fact, according to a study from Edison Research, radio monopolizes 52% of the time consumers spend with an audio medium. The only distant competitor to radio's share of ear is the consumer's private CD and MP3 collection at 20.3%.  Every other audio medium barely rises above the static.

Based on any measure such as audience size or return-on-investment, the decision for Maine small business owners to use radio commercials to market their company is easy.  The perceived challenge, however, is what to fill those commercials with.  To help, we are constantly scanning the airwaves from around the world and across America for examples of great radio commercials. These commercials can provide inspiration and guidance to local business who may struggle with the creative side of advertising. Here are five epic radio ads we have found that all have been produced within the past 90 days.

1. After Burn Hot Sauce - Manchester, NH

2. Creekside General Contractors - Ithaca, NY

3. Rosati's Pizza - Champaign, IL

4. Smokin' Jake's - Spencer, IA

5. Rainbow Restoration - Northampton, MA

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