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5 Radio Ads From Away That Every Maine Small Business Has To Hear

Posted by Larry Julius on Tue, Sep 23, 2014 @ 11:22 AM

Portland_Maine_Radio_Maine_Small_Busienss_Woman_Listening_To_Radio_With_HeadphonesI am sure each of the radio scripts looked great on paper, but when I heard them back-to-back-to back in the same commercial break on a Portland Maine radio station, it was more like a train wreck.  Each of the six commercials started out with a variation of what I call JACD or "Just Around the Corner Disease."  This horrible condition presents itself when a commercial starts out with a trite and hackneyed temporal reference such as "fall is just around the corner" or "Halloween is just around the corner" or "it's back to school time" or "Fall is here" or "colder days are on the way".  This cacophony of the ho-hum is the hallmark of what George Carlin refers to as the "advertising lullaby...commercials designed to lull us to sleep". According to un-scientific research, 1-in-4 radio commercials for Maine small business suffer from JACD.  Fortunately there is relief.

We have posted many articles on how to create astounding radio commercials: Commercials that use story, sound, and the unexpected to make a profound impact on a target audience.  Some of our favorite postings are

To provide further inspiration for Maine small business owners, we are constantly scanning the globe for awesome radio commercials.  Here are five example of how companies from around the world make themselves immune from the "just around the corner" epidemic:

1. Harley-Davidson - Australia 
[Don't See Media Player? Click HERE to hear]
2. Mexico Restaurants - New Zealand
[Don't See Media Player? Click HERE to hear]
3. The War Museum - South Africa
[Don't See Media Player? Click HERE to hear]
4. Road And Transit Authority - Dubai
[Don't See Media Player? Click HERE to hear]
5. Santana Antacid - Brazil
[Don't See Media Player? Click HERE to hear]

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