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Listeners to Super Bowl 50 on Portland Radio Treated To Awesome Ads

Posted by Larry Julius on Sun, Feb 14, 2016 @ 03:17 PM

Portland Radio Maine Small Business Owners Effective CommercialThe best ads during Super Bowl 50 were not necessarily on TV. According to estimates, more than 24,000,000 Americans chose to listen to the big game on the radio. Westwood One, the company that provided the live, play-by-play broadcast of the Super Bowl to stations across America (including Portland radio station WJJB), asked listeners to vote on their favorite audio commercials during the broadcast . In addition, Westwood One commissioned a Nielsen study of 3,030 consumers who rated all 45 commercials on a series of key attributes.Here are the results:

Listeners voted for Service King’s “Mission 2 Hire” ad as their favorite Super Bowl commercial. The ad promotes Service King’s Mission 2 Hire program, which is dedicated to hiring 500 veterans at Service King locations around the country. Take a listen:

Motel 6 was rated the most likeable ad in the Westwood One-commissioned Nielsen study. The brand’s “Designer Dogs” ad features long-time Motel 6 narrator Tom Bodett, who promotes Motel 6’s great rooms and low rates while poking fun at trendy dog breeds with silly names. The Motel 6 ad also received top consumer ratings for relevance, engagement, and memorability. Click here to take a listen for yourself.

According to Westwood One, Service King also scored top marks in the Nielsen creative test, along with Wendy’s “$4 for 4” commercial. Click here to hear for yourself.

The Motel 6 creative, says Westwood One, tested much stronger than Nielsen norms for radio advertising creative. Motel 6’s winning ad scored an amazing 72% on likability versus the radio ad norm of 46%. On memorability, Motel 6 scored an impressive 78% versus the 59% radio advertising norm.

To hear all of the top commercials that were broadcast on Portland radio during Super Bowl 50, click here.

Here are more examples of great commercials Maine small business owners can use to develop their own radio advertising.

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