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Does Advertising On Portland Radio Lead to Sales? Here's A Prime Example

Posted by Larry Julius on Sat, Jul 25, 2015 @ 10:01 AM

Portland-Radio-Maine-Small-BusinessEver since June 24, 1925, the day WCSH became the first station on the Portland radio dial, Maine's small business owners have asked the question: does advertising on Portland radio lead to sales?  We have shared the radio successes that many small business owners have experienced. For instance, real estate agent Cathy Manchester told us her business doubled when she started advertising on Portland Radio. Michael Storey, owner of a southern Maine landscape construction company, reported his sales increased by 45% during the first year he advertised on the radio. Theresa Torrent, Senior Planner for the Maine Coastal Program, publishers of the Maine Coastal Public Access Guide, claimed, "Our sales went from zero to hundreds of orders in just three weeks.

A recent study by Ipsos, a global market research company, reaffirms Cathy's, Michael's and Theresa's experience.  The Ipsos study, looked to see how radio contributed to the success of Amazon's "Prime Day" sales event on July 15th of this year.  You probably know about Amazon's day of discounts because, no doubt, you heard the ads promoting it on Portland radio, Portland TV, and online.  According to Scott Wingo, Chairman of ChannelAdvisor experts in online commerce optimization, "The promotion was successful in the U.S. because it tripled Amazon’s normal growth rate of about 25 percent."

The Ipsos study revealed that 52% of the purchases on "Prime Day" were driven by awareness created by radio ads.  Based on Amazon's claim that during the event they sold 573,120 items, we can deduce that radio was directly responsible for selling 207 items per second during the sale.  Ipsos goes on to report that radio, was by far the most effective medium for Amazon in terms of converting awareness to sales.


According to Pierre Bouvard, CMO of Cumulus Media and Westwood One, a partner in the Ipsos study, "Advertising put Amazon Prime Day on the map, and radio was the most effective at converting awareness into purchases. The greatest Amazon Prime Day purchases occurred among Millennials, households with children, and those with a full-time job -- precisely the profile of the American radio listener."

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