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Ensure Your Radio Ad Reaches Every Ear: A Tip For Maine Small Business

Posted by Larry Julius on Wed, Sep 17, 2014 @ 11:07 AM

Portland Maine Radio Online Listening Maine Small BusinessSuppose you invested in a radio advertising campaign in Portland, Maine and you later found out that your commercial could only be heard on clock radios but not on counter-top radios in kitchens.  Or that your commercial could only be heard by people in Buicks and Toyotas but not by people in Fords or Nissans. If that were the case, you would probably call your radio station account executive and insist on a refund.  When a Maine small business buys commercials on a radio station, they should be heard by every listener.

Today, just as in 2004, more than 9-out-of-ten people in Maine listen to the radio.  In 2004, however, most people received their favorite radio station via oscillating waves generated by a tall tower in a big field. Although that technology is still used, more-and-more listeners are choosing to have their favorite AM/FM station delivered in a series of steamed zeroes and ones though their computers and their smart phones.  If the radio station you are advertising on does not include your commercial in their digital stream, then you are missing a ton of potential customers.

Check this out.  According to Edison Research, over the past 10 years the percentage of Americans who listen to online radio during the course of a month has accelerated to almost half. These are your potential customers who not only listen to radio the traditional way, they are streaming their favorite station at work on their desktop computers; or streaming their favorite station on their smart phone while on the bus. Unlike 10 years ago, if they have a computer or a smart phone, then listeners can enjoy their favorite radio station anywhere and everywhere.

Portland Maine Radio Small Business Online RadioNot only has has the number of people who listen to online radio increased, the amount of time listeners devote each week has expanded to almost 15 hours.  This is triple the time spent in 2008.

Time Spent Listening Each Week To Online Radio


Based on these numbers alone, it is clear that if a Maine small business's advertising in contained only in a radio station's over-the-air signal, then a whole lot ears are being missed.  And those ears belong to lots of  potential customers. So, whether you are already advertising on the radio or just considering it, be sure to ask make sure your commercial is being included in the station's online stream.

Just in case your are among the rapidly shrinking number of people who have never streamed, you can click on one of the links below and see what you have missing:

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