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5 More Commercials I Wish Were On Portland Radio

Posted by Larry Julius on Sun, Jul 31, 2016 @ 01:03 PM

Portland_Radio_Maine_Small_BusinessSometimes it's hard being a Maine small business owner having to come up with original ideas for commercials to use on Portland radio stations.  But according to the 20th century abstract artist Darby Barnnard, "Originality is way overrated. To make, you need to take. All great artists do."

Barnard is supported by author and Nobel Prize nominee William Randolph Inge who said, "Originality is undetected plagiarism." A thought he expropriated from Voltaire who offered, "Originality is nothing but judicious imitation. The most original writers borrowed from one another."

The fine art of borrowing from the works of others seem to be at the core of great art and great thinking. From Picasso who once said, ""Good artists copy, great artists steal" to Laurence J. Peter (of Peter Principal fame) who believes, "Originality is the fine of art of remembering what you hear but not where you heard it."

Apparently, the greats have no problem helping themselves to the work of others. Then why should Maine small business owners fret and sweat over creating an original commercial when there are millions of great works to borrow from.

A Wide World of Spots

I am constantly scanning the globe for great radio commercials that are engaging, compelling, inspiring, and, most importantly, borrow-worthy.  Here are 5 effective radio ads from as far away as Israel and South Africa, but would be welcome on Portland Radio. So Maine small business owners: help yourself.

 1. Nature Valley - South Africa (Produced by: Y&R South Africa)

2. Hubbards - New Zealand (Produced by: Sugar&Partners)

3. Clean Air - Israel (Produced by: Addict israel)

4. Berlitz Language School - Dubai (Produced by DDB Dubai)

5. Volkswagen - Hong Kong (Produced by: Ogilvy & Mather Hong Kong)

Listen to even more radio commercials from around the world that would sound awesome on Portland radio:

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