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Marketing & Promotions Director

Are you the one people call to plan the perfect party? Are you the one people got to for a creative solution or idea? Are you able to keep all the pieces together and never miss a beat?

If this is you, you might be the perfect fit to lead our Marketing and Promotions Department. 

Even if you have never set foot in a radio station, if you love working with people this could be your dream job in the fun fast paced, radio business.

Marketing Director Basic Duties:
  • Oversees and organizes all promotions and contests including online, on air, texting and Social Media
  • Organizes and maintains all promotional calendars
  • Works with sales team to brainstorm, plan, and implement promotions and contests
  • Attends sales calls with sales reps (as needed)
  • Works closely with Assistants to make sure all events run smoothly
  • Writes contest rules and sends to corporate attorney for approval (as needed)
  • Writes promotional proposals for various clients outlining contests and promotions
  • Writes and schedules all promotional liners
  • Writes and sends out press release to local media announcing station events
  • Oversees promotions interns (as necessary)
  • Oversees part-time Promotions Assistants
  • Works large events
  • Creates prize sheets for all on air contests
  • Oversee Station Vehicle maintenance
  • Orders all promotional items such as stickers, banners, t-shirts, etc.
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