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Radio Is Winning The Battle For Maine's Ears

Posted by Larry Julius on Sun, Jun 22, 2014 @ 08:33 PM


In 2004, there was no Pandora.  TherePortland Maine Radio Advertising Commercial was no Spotify.  In 2004, the first podcasts started to appear and the iPod Shuffle was still a year away from its initial release. In 2004, fewer than 20% of Americans could listen to or download music online because most people only had access to dial-up internet.  In 2004, commercial radio, despite being 84 years old, still reigned supreme in the battle for listeners' ears by reaching 93% of all Americans. Flash forward 10 years: AM/FM radio still reaches 93% of all Americans, making it the number one audio choice among consumers and that's good news for Maine Small Business. No other audio medium comes close.

Radio Has A 52.1% "Share of Ear"

According to a new study from Edison Research, Americans spend 4 hours each day listening to audio entertainment.  Despite the poliferation of new audio media over the past 10 years, traditional AM/FM radio is still winning the battle for listeners' ears. The study reveals that over-the-air radio commands a 52.1% share of all audio consumption.

Edison’s Share of Ear results are from a nationally representative sample of 2,096 Americans ages 13+ who completed a 24-hour audio listening diary during May 2014. In addition to AM/FM radio, the study included listening to internet-only services such as Pandora and Spotify; satellite radio; TV music channels; online radio stations; podcasts; and personal audio collections.  Here is how each medium fared:

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