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Radio: Tune-in To The Maine Mom Market

Posted by Larry Julius on Sat, May 10, 2014 @ 08:31 AM

According to Forbes Magazine, " U.S. moms control the purse strings at home-to the tune of $2.1 trillion per year." If moms were a stand-alone nation, they would be the 7th largest economy in the word.  Wow! (which is MoM upside-down). If you are a Maine small business owner, then listen up: Maine moms do their part by controlling $9.5-billion of spending every year and Maine moms listenPortland Maine Radio Small Business Marketing Advertising Mother to the radio.

International Demographics, publisher of The Media Audit, reports that radio reaches 94% of all Maine moms during the course of the week.  This compares to only about 1-in-4 moms who see a daily newspapers and 40% of moms who consider themselves light TV users.  Obviously it is the mobility of radio that keeps Maine moms tuned-in during lunch packing, carpooling, and commuting to work (don't dads do anything?). Miraculously, despite their jammed-packed schedules, these radio totin' moms find the time to spend their well-earned money.

Where Moms Are Spending $9.5-Billion

A consumer study by Media Audit reveals, that "mothers, by the virtue of having children living at home, also represent the younger age of the age spectrum for all females, thereby, more likely to be heavier or more frequent users of product and services."  The study goes on to say, "moms who have children living at home are 21% more likely to be buying new furniture in the next 12 months and 38% more likely to be heavy spenders at the grocery store. Also, mothers are 16% more likely than all female adults to be frequent fast food consumers, eating out at quick serve restaurant an average of three or more times in the average week."

In addition to fast-food and household staples, Media Audit reports that moms also have big ticket items on their radar. "Moms with children living at home are 26% more likely to be planning the purchase of an automobile in the next 12 month and 8% more likely to be planning cosmetic surgery."

How Moms Listen To The Radio

Traditional AM/FM radios are still ubiquitous in the lives Maine moms both at home and in the car but a brand-new study by Edison Research indicates that moms are, more-and-more getting their radio elsewhere.  Last month, according to the study, 56% of moms listened to radio online, which makes them 19% more likely to do so than the average population. Amazingly, according to Edison Research, these online moms report they are now spending 12 hours and 4 minutes very week listening to online radio. You might think that this listening is all happening at mom's office via computer but think again....

Maine Small Business Marketing To Mothers Radio Advertising Portland

Although desktop devices still have a slight lead over smartphones for online radio listening, Edison Research predicts that the gap will close by next year based on the growth of smartphones among moms.  As a matter of fact, 69% of moms now own a smartphone which is 13% more likely than the general population.  The other part of the equation is that 1-in-3 moms who have smartphones report they have used their smartphone to listen to the radio in the car.

To earn a fair share of the $9.5-billion spent by Maine moms, Maine small businesses have to put their messages where the moms' ears are.  They are on the radio.


Online Radio is not just for moms.  Here are 7 things every Maine small business needs to hear about online radio.


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