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Radio + TV = Big Results for Maine Small Business

Posted by Larry Julius on Sat, Apr 12, 2014 @ 07:48 PM

Portland Maine Radio Small Business AdvertisingIn September of 2013, Nielsen, the television ratings behemoth, purchased Arbitron, the radio ratings company.  According to the company the acquisition would allow Nielsen to monitor eight hours a day of the public’s media consumption across television, radio and a range of electronic devices. At last, marketers and small businesses in the Portland, Maine media market would be able to understand how utilizing multiple media could affect a target group of consumers.

“Arbitron will allow us to analyze and understand an additional two hours of the United States consumer’s day while bringing us another opportunity to provide advertisers with metrics on the effectiveness of the mediums that they advertise on,” David L. Calhoun, Nielsen’s chief executive, said in a statement in The New York Times.

Combining Radio & Television Can Double Reach of Ad Campaign

In one of the first studies conducted since the merger, research from Nielsen indicates that by combining radio and TV in a local media market, the reach of an advertising campaign could double in just one month versus using either medium separately.  For instance, says a Nielsen spokesperson, "Combining television primetime and late news all week with morning drive on weekdays, an advertiser could reach 75 percent of adults 18-49 in Boston within four weeks."

According to the Small Business Guide for Effective Radio Advertising, Maine small business owners should determine a specific marketing objective before investing in any advertising campaign.  If, says, the guide, the objective is promotional in nature, then reaching the broadest audience possible is key to fulfilling the goal. This initial multi-platform data from Nielsen indicates that combining the dominance of radio listening during mornings and the workday with television's strength in the evening could help achieve the reach goal effectively and efficiently.

CBS Chief Research Officer David Poltrack, whose radio and TV stations participated in the study, said, "Industry-standard measurement is a first step toward showing large advertisers what local advertiser already know: There is a lot of value to combining local television and radio in a media buy."



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