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6 Radio Commercials Every Maine Small Business Should Hear

Posted by Larry Julius on Sat, Nov 23, 2013 @ 09:11 AM

If you are a Maine small business owner, then you don't have the time to think about creating effective radio commercials for your business.  To help you, we've scoured America for some of the best locally Maine Small Business Portland Radio Effective Radio Advertisingproduced radio commercials for small businesses. If you like 'em, we suggest stealing (ahem) borrowing them.  As we've said in an earlier article, SIX GREAT FOREIGN COMMERCIALS WORTH STEALING:

 If you hear a radio commercial you like, then figure out what makes it effective and steal's a tradition.  The creative arts are full of thieves. Painter Pablo Picasso said, "Good artists borrow, great artists steal."  Writer William S. Burroughs said, “All writing is in fact cut-ups. A collage of words read heard overheard.”   Poet T.S., Eliot says, “Immature poets imitate; mature poets steal; bad poets deface what they take, and good poets make it into something better, or at least something different."  But according to filmmaker Jean-Luc Goddard, stealing is just not enough. Goddard said, “It’s not where you take things from—it’s where you take them to.”

This time, we scoured America for great locally produced radio commercials to provide inspiration for you.  Please note, these are all from cities far away to if you borrow the ideas, they'll never hear.  Enjoy!

1. Cupcake Conspiracy - Manchester, New Hampshire (Courtesy of Andy Orcutt at Manchester Radio Group)

2. Great Plains Sauce & Dough Campaign 3 commercials -Des Moines, Iowa (Courtesy of Pam Washington at Des Moines Radio Group)

3. Ernie's Medicine Shop -Columbus, Ohio (Courtesy of Patrick Foy at Columbus Radio Group)

4. Milwaukee Electric -Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Courtesy of Traci Northrop at Milwaukee Radio Group)

5. Cell Phone Repairs -Clarksville, Tennessee (Courtesy of Katie Gambill at 5 Star Radio Group)

6. Best Pools -Norfolk, Virginia (Courtesy of Carol Commander at Tidewater Communications)


Maine Small Business Wins Prestigious Radio Award

Leigh Kellis Holy Donut Effective Small Business Advertising Radio MaineLast year we posted an article: Radio In The Mix: Maine Entrepreneur Makes Dollars From Doughnuts about Leigh Kellis who used radio advertising to launch the success of The Holy Donut in Portland Maine.  We are happy to share with you that not only is Leigh opening her second store, but her radio commercial (produced by Portland Radio Group), was recognized by the Maine Association of Broadcasters as one of the best radio commercials of the year. Listen to the commercial.


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