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Maine Small Business Lets Customers Do The Selling In Radio Ads

Posted by Larry Julius on Sat, Oct 26, 2013 @ 09:02 AM

Maine Small Businss Radio Advertising Portland Maine ABest WindowThere are more than 7.2 million windows in Maine homes.  Sooner or later, each one will need to be replaced.  In The U.S., more than $30-billion dollars of windows will be sold this year and the industry is expected to expand by about 9% a year for the next few years.  A recent Google search found hundreds of companies in Maine alone that sell replacement windows including large box stores and mom-and-pop operations.  A-Best Window is a family-owned, Maine small business that has been manufacturing and selling replacement windows for almost thirty years. To withstand the competition from so many competitors uses radio advertising.

According to Adam Soule, General Manager of A-Best Window, "The best way to use radio is to find out who your target demographics are and then create a clear message that also catches the listener's ear."  To do that, Adam says his company "likes to use customer testimonials in our radio advertising because the listener can relate to that customer who is essentially providing a review of our business."

Adam says that radio constitutes up-to 15% of their marketing budget. He has found radio to be a "timeless marketing tool where every car has a radio and radio is free to the consumer." Adam also finds that radio's ability to provide local news and entertainment supports his company's position as a locally owned company.  Listen to a recent A-Best Window radio commercial:

Meet other Maine small businesses that have had success using radio:


Maine Small Business Wins Prestigious Radio Award

Maine Small Business Effective Radio Advertising Portland Radio Holy DonutLast year we posted an article: Radio In The Mix: Maine Entrepreneur Makes Dollars From Doughnuts about Leigh Kellis who used radio advertising to launch the success of The Holy Donut in Portland Maine.  We are happy to share with you that not only is Leigh opening her second store, but her radio commercial (produced by Portland Radio Group), was recognized by the Maine Association of Broadcasters as one of the best radio commercials of the year. Listen to the commercial.  


Portland Radio Group Wins Multiple Awards At 2013 MAB

Portland Radio Group, which owns and operates 7 of the most listened to radio stations in Maine, was awarded multiple honors by The Maine Association of Broadcasters.  Awards included:

  • Locally Produced Program: Town Hall Forum: Concealed Handgun Permits. Frank Alosa, Jeff Wade
  • Promotion: Studio Z. Ethan Minton
  • Promotion: WGAN. Matt Shinberg
  • Commercial: Holy Donut. Steve Schneider
  • Election Coverage: The WGAN News Team
  • Enterprise: The Maine Economy. WGAN...Paul Allen, Mike Audet, Dan Cole, Matt Shinberg, Jeff Wade
  • Enterprise: Burning Questions. WGAN... Paul Allen, Frank Alosa, Dan Cole, Matt Shinberg, Jeff Wade
  • Continuing Coverage: Kennebunk Prostitution Trial. WGAN...Frank
  • Alosa
  • Spot News: Blizzard of 2013.  WGAN... Paul Allen, Frank Alosa, John McDonald, Matt Shinberg, Jeff Wade
  • Spot News: Boston Marathon Bombing. WGAN...Paul Allen, Frank Alosa
  • Best Newscast: WGAN...Paul Allen, Frank Alosa, Dan Cole, Chuck Igo,
  • Matt Shinberg, Jeff Wade

Portland Maine Radio Small Business Advertising Effective

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