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Radio Dominates The Office and The Dashboard

Posted by Larry Julius on Sun, Sep 29, 2013 @ 05:35 PM

Portland Maine Radio Effective Small Business AdvertisingIn 2003, I only had a couple of choices for in-car entertainment: my radio; my CD player; or watching the guy in the car next to me pick his nose. Needless to say, back then radio was king. Entertainment options in my office were even slimmer...where my only choice was listening to the radio.  Now days, media options in my car and in my office abound: Pandora, Sirius/XM, MP3 players, or online stations via computer, tablet, or smartphone. Despite this proliferation of new media sources, radio listening still commands the dashboard and the office. This domination contributes to radio's continuing efficacy as a powerful marketing tool for Maine small businesses.

61% of Consumers Listen To AM/FM Radio While At Work

Last week, Edison Research released a new study called, "What’s Working at Work – New Research on Workplace Radio Listening." According to Edison the study consisted "of an online survey of 1043 adults, ages 18 and older, who are employed either full or part time. Respondents were asked a variety of questions about their workplace listening habits, including types of radio consumed, devices used for listening, commercials and more." Here is what the Edison Research study revealed:

  • 70% respondents say they listen to some type of audio device while at work.
  • Traditional AM/FM radio is the dominate media consumed while at work.  Here's how radio stacks up:

Small Business Advertising Portland Maine Radio Office Listening

In addition to the online survey, Edison also conducted video interviews in the workplace to determine how audio media is being consumed.  Here is why some workers prefer AM/FM radio to the myriad of other available audio options:

Back in the olden days, radio was the only option we had for audio entertainment in the workplace. Sadly, I had no control over the station that was selected.  My boss was addicted to something called "beautiful music," a sleepy station that played soft instrumental versions of "Raindrops Keep Fallin' On Head" over and over. It was like I was trapped on Satan's personal elevator.  Now days, however, PCs, tablets, and smartphones put the radio dial in the hands of each individual user. This was reaffirmed by Edison's research:

Maine Small Business Portland Radio Station Who Chooses Station At Work

Radio Rules The Dashboard

In 1930, brothers Paul and Joseph Galvin, owners of the Galvin Manufacturing Corporation, introduced the first, commercially available car radio. The unit sold for about $120 (about $1700 in 2013 dollars).  The radio was called the Motorola 5T71 (yes, it was the first Motorola). Since, then radio has been a fixture of in-car audio entertainment.  In 2013, according to Edison Research, 88% of Americans say they listen to "any type" of radio.  Despite all the new in-car technologies, 83% of American's still listen to traditional, over-the-air, AM/FM radio. The next closest alternative is internet radio at 17%.

Maine Small Business Advertising Portland Radio Car Listening

The press remains mesmerized by all technology that is new, bright, and shiny.  But America's ears still belong to AM/FM radio.


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