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Radio Advertising Can Help "Socialize" Maine Small Business

Posted by Larry Julius on Tue, Aug 27, 2013 @ 09:29 PM

Read this blog to learn how you can win a $50 Target Gift Card...For the past forever, I have been hearing a radio advertiser who ends every commercial with the plea "like us on Facebook." Every time I hear these commercials, I find myself thinking of Sally Field when she won her Oscar for Norma Rae and proclaimed, ""You like me, right now, you like me!"

In my mind, Sally Field raises the question: is a bajillion radio commercials enough to inspire a consumer to succumb to the advertiser's cajoling to really "like" them on Facebook?  The answer appears to be NO since the advertiser's Facebook page only has about 3000 fans...not a lot considering the number of times the client begs to be liked.  So, what could be done better?

First we should consider the stats:

  • 700,000 people in Maine havPortland Maine Radio Facebook Advertising For Small Businesse active Facebook accounts
  • 76% of these users log-in to Facebook at least once per day
  • At each log in, Facebook users are exposed to 1500 pieces of content, not only from friends and relatives but from more than 15,000,000 companies
  • Facebook users are stingy with their "likes" bestowing the coveted thumbs-up, on average, to only 40 pages

So, our advertiser is certainly off to a modest start with 3000 fans, but it's only 0.42% of the available universe of avid Facebook users in Maine. With each new fan the advertiser acquires, however,  is one more opportunity to nurture a prospective customer or create an advocate for the business.  Ry Russell, owner of the Saco Drive-In learned that lesson when he expanded his business by amassing more than 20,000 Facebook fans (see: Business Owner Likes Radio And Increase Facebook Followers By 571%).

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Last week, 32.1% of radio listeners were compelled to visit a client's website or social media page by a commercial they heard on the radio.  Most of them did not go simply because they were asked, but rather they were promised a payoff for seeking out the page. Many times it is a chance to enter a sweepstakes with a prize of significant value.  For instance, we recently worked with an amusement park that was able to increase its Facebook "likes" by 74% by inviting radio listeners to enter to win a season pass to the park by simply "liking" the park's page on Facebook. But it gets better.

To stay compliant with Facebook's strict contesting policies, the park ran its contest using a third party application provided by Portland Radio Group. Other companies, such as Wildfire and Shortsack also provide compliant solutions.  Now, as promised, it gets better.  Through the third party app, the park was not only able to require customers to "like" the page to enter the contest, but the park was also able to gain valuable personal information from each contestant including:

  • First & Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Birthday
  • Complete Home Address

So not only did every contest entry result in a Facebook Like, the park was able to acquire a database of qualified prospects that could be reached through other marketing campaigns such as direct mail and email blasts.  Imagine, they could even send a coupon for reduced park admission to each contestant on their birthday!  How powerful is that!

Finally, Here's Your Chance To Win A $50 Target Gift Card

To demonstrate how a Facebook compliant contest works, I have set up an actual contest for YOU to enter to really win a $50 Target Gift Card.  To enter click this link below.



I am sure you noticed that for the chance to win the prize you needed to "like" Portland Radio Group on Facebook and you provided a modest amount of personal data.  You may have also learned a few things about radio advertising.  Also, we also asked your permission to continue our dialogue by subscribing to an email version of our blog.  Moreover, this was all done in a manner that was compliant with Facebook's strict contesting policy

As you can see, it is not enough just to passively invite your potential customers to "like" you on Facebook.  Even if you ask a bajillion times you probably won't be successful unless you offer a compelling reason to click the "like" button.

To help you learn more about using radio to bolster your social media marketing we have set up a special page.  This page includes a replay of our recent webinar, "Doing Business On Facebook" and a short video about running effective and compliant Facebook contests." To access the page, click here.


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