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5 Things Every Advertiser Needs To Know About Radio

Posted by Larry Julius on Sun, Dec 16, 2012 @ 09:13 PM

describe the imageHere are 5 important facts every radio advertiser needs to know about radio:

1. Be sure to include a web address in your commercial.  Research by BIGinsight reveals that every week, 32.1% of radio listeners initiate an online search based on something they hear. Inclusion of a website URL in a commercial is, therefore, far more important than a phone number since most people will forget a phone number within 5 seconds of hearing it (see: Should I Include A Phone Number in My Radio Commercial?).  Here is what radio listeners search for most online:

Search Categories For Radio______________________________________________________________________________

2. Radio listening remains constant throughout the entire year.  According to research by Arbitron, 93% of Americans use radio every week.  Unlike other media, radio listening does not have a seasonal variance.

Radio Listening By Season


3. Listeners take radio with them everywhere.  According to research company GFK MRI, listeners say they use radio most in their car, followed by at home, and at work.

Radio Listening By Location


4. Radio listening is greatest between 10:00am and 3:00pm.  In a previous article, Radio Advertising: Five Things You Know That Ain't So, we discussed the myths of drive time radio.  According to Arbitron, the radio ratings company, many people do listen during these times, but  over 80% of Americans listen between 10:00am and 3:00pm.  What many people find surprising, is that almost 60% of Americans listen to the radio between 7:00pm and midnight as well.

Radio Listening By Time Of Day___________________________________________________________________________

5. Radio Still Reaches Younger Listeners. Despite their adaption to new entertainment technologies, 12-24 year old listeners still consume radio at very high levels.  Each week, according to Arbitron, almost 91% of this age group is reached by traditional, over-the-air radio.

Radio Reach Among 12 to 24 year olds


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