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4 Reasons Why Listeners Really Love Radio

Posted by Larry Julius on Thu, Jun 07, 2012 @ 10:15 AM

Love Radio, Portland, Portland RadioOnce upon a time, before the world-wide web; before 157 channels; before Facebook...93% of all people listened to the radio each week.  This was in 2002 when technological dinosaurs roamed the earth.  Today, despite the exponential growth of media options and shiny things, 93% of all Americans still use and love their AM/FM radio. 

It Starts With Emotion

Jacobs Media, a well-known research company, recently surveyed 57,358 radio listeners across 12 different radio formats to find out how and why people choose which media to consume. When it came to radio, respondents said they chose radio for their "favorite songs" and "personalities".  The Jacobs study also revealed 4 emotional triggers that listeners value.  These are the 4 reasons listeners love radio:

  1. "Having radio on while they work"
  2. "Helping them get into a better mood"
  3. "Providing a feeling of companionship"
  4. "Offering an escape from pressures of everyday life"

Other Findings

The Jacobs study also indicates that radio retains its dominance in the bedroom and the car

  1. When asked: "What is your first media activity of the day", the most common answer was "radio at home" by about 30% of respondents.  TV was number 2 at about 25% of respondents.  "radio in the car" was the number three answer with about 20% of respondents.
  2. When asked: "Where does "All, Almost All, or Most" radio listening occur, 53% of respondents said "in cars."

The findings of the Jacobs study are consistent with findings of recent research conducted by Arbitron, Edison Research, and Media Monitors.  The take-away from all of this research is that  people love radio.  This emotional attachment is what fuels radio's effectiveness as an advertising medium.


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