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Help Wanted: 5 Tips For Effective Radio Recruitment Advertising

Posted by Larry Julius on Tue, May 01, 2012 @ 08:13 AM

Radio Recruitment AdvertisingThe best candidates for your current job openings are already working...but not for you. Recent articles in the Wall Street Journal and The New York Times reveal many companies covet their competitors' workforces. Traditional recruitment tools such as internet jobsites and newspaper classifieds have not proven to be effective in reaching the "already employed" or what we call The Passive Job Seeker.


Reaching Passive Job Seekers: Radio vs. Traditional Recruitment Media

Employers are 31% more likely to reach passive job seekers on the radio than in newspaper classifieds. Radio is 40% more likely to reach passive job seekers than internet job sites like or

Radio Recruitment Advertising

Regarding newspapers specifically, only 8.2% of newspaper readers actually read the help-wanted classifieds. These readers are more likely to be unemployed, active job seekers not the employed, passive job seekers employers are seeking. Radio, on the other hand, reaches 91.3% of newspaper readers that never read the help-wanted section. These people are more likely to be passive job seekers.Radio Recruitment Advertising

 5 Tips For Effective Radio Recruitment Advertising

  1. Advertise for passive job seekers on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. These are the days of the week that passive job seekers are most likely to express discontent with their current job and will be most receptive to your recruitment message.
  2. Use current employees in your radio commercial to extol the benefits of working for your company. Their testimonials should sound spontaneous and not scripted.
  3. Choose radio stations whose qualitative profile is consistent with the profile of your best candidate. This can include level of education, previous job category held, etc. A radio station representative should be able to provide you with either Media Audit research or MRI research that will demonstrate these qualities of their station's audience.
  4. If the radio stations you choose also broadcasts on the internet (streaming), then be sure to place commercials in their stream as well. Research from Edison and Arbitron indicates that 33% of people who listen to radio at work listen via computer or mobile device.
  5. Point candidates to your website. Using radio, you will reach most people at work or in the car. If you captivate their interest, then they will need to respond at a later time. Research indicates 9-out-of-10 people forget a phone number within 5 seconds of hearing it. Candidates are more likely to remember your website address, than the 7-10 digits of your phone number.

Full disclosure: although we use several media for recruitment at Portland Radio Group, we get many of our best candidates from advertising on our own radio stations following the tips above.

[Qualitative Radio Listener Information Source: Media Audit, 2011]

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