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No Button Pushing: 93% of Consumers Listen To Radio Commercials.

Posted by Larry Julius on Sun, Apr 29, 2012 @ 03:00 PM

listen to radio commercials

93% of consumers stick around when the music stops and listen to radio commercials. Surprised? So were media buying professionals and station owners who believed only about 70% of listeners stuck with stations through commercial breaks.

In-Depth Study By Major Research Companies

To determine who listened to radio commercials three research companies, Arbitron, Coleman Research, and Media Monitors, studied 18 million commercial breaks comprising 62 million-minutes of commercials over a 12 month period. Here are the highlights of the study:


  • The average station runs 9 minutes of commercials per hour spread out over 2.6 breaks
  • No Button Pushing: 93% of lead-in audiences stayed with the station during the entire commercial break
  • 99% of listeners stay tuned during commercial breaks of 3 minutes or fewer
  • Even spot breaks of six minutes or longer held 85% of listeners through all the commercials.
  • There was little difference between how many younger listeners stayed tune during commercial breaks and the number of older listeners who did


A different study by Arbitron and Edison Research reveals that 45% of all household now have A DVR. The study also shows that 81% of viewers skip the commercials almost every time they come on. Another 9% of viewers say they skip through every time and 6% sometimes skip through the commercials.

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